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Making sure your commercial roofing needs (and your budget!) are met is what we do at New Age Roofers. We are a proud local company that has been serving the Plano, Texas area for over 20 years. As commercial roofing experts, we have experience in a wide range of industries, from commercial buildings, to industrial warehouses and manufacturing hubs.

You can rest assured that we can handle any project big or small. Our aim is to provide you with the best service in roof installation possible. We try to arm each and every one of our customers with the latest information on materials, installation techniques, and industry advancements, so that they can make educated decisions for the longevity of their property.

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    Types Of Commercial Roofing

    Most roofing systems can be divided into two different types depending on their degree of slope. The two main categories are low slope roofs and steep slope roofs. Depending on the category, you´ll have different installation techniques and recommended materials.

    Flat Roofs (Low-slope Roofing Systems)

    A low slope roof, also known as a flat roof, is typically characterized as having a slope less than or equal to 3:12 or 14 degrees. Most materials used on this type of roof are used for weatherproofing, reinforcement, and surfacing. Depending on the roof membrane, it can perform one or more of the previously mentioned functions. The most common roof membranes for this roof type are:

    • Metal panel roofing systems: These roof systems are built from metal panels. They are designed to block water from entering joints or seams in the materials and can provide additional structural integrity and strength to a roof.
    • Single-ply membrane roofing: These weatherproofing membranes are categorized as thermoplastic or thermoset. Thermoplastic membranes soften when heated and harden when cooled. Thermoset materials are set after heating and do not soften again. Both membrane types can be installed fully adhered, held down with ballast, or mechanically attached.
    • Built-up roof systems (BUR): These types of membranes are extremely common. They are also referred to as tar and gravel roofs. Typically, layers of bitumen and fabric are applied to reinforce the weatherproofing of the roof.
    • Liquid Applied Roof Systems: Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), is a material that is sprayed in a solid layer across the roof. It expands in thickness to about 1-1.5 inches thick. It is then covered with elastomeric silicone or acrylic coating. The result is a seamless, waterproof, and durable foam roof covering.
    Steep Slope Commercial Roofing

    A steep slope roof incorporates water-shed roofing materials. A steep roof is qualified as slopes that exceed 3:12 or more than 14 degrees and are generally made up of individual pieces installed in a similar fashion to shingles. The assembly is assembled in three stages, first the roof deck (generally wood-based), next the underlayment (paper or felt), and finally the roof covering (the outermost watershed material). The most common materials used are:


    • Asphalt shingle commercial roofing: Asphalt shingles are small panels made of felt or glass fibers. They provide protection from sun exposure, fire, and impact. They are installed in an overlapping, stacked pattern to promote a downward watershed. They are the most widely used material for residential buildings.
    • Metal roof systems for steep slope roofs: Metal sheet roofs can be divided into three categories, architectural, structural, and metal shingle panels. Architectural metal panel roof systems are generally best for steep slopes, as they are best for shedding water.
    • Slate: This rock material is similar to the asphalt shingle in shape and size, but has a much harder structure, similar to a tile. It´s used for its non-absorbent features. It can also be obtained in various colors.

    Plano Commercial Roof Repair

    Are you having problems with your commercial roof? Some roofing problems are easy to detect, while others require an expert. If you´re looking for roof repair in Plano, you´re in luck! Our experienced roofing experts can help with any kind of repair you need, big or small. In Texas we experience almost every kind of weather, from hot hot sun, to spontaneous storms, so it´s important to be proactive with roof repair to fix problems before they become a disaster.

    We see many roof materials blown off by strong winds, leaks from torrential rains, and damage from windborne objects. Give us a call now at (469) 995-8967 if you need help assessing storm damage, hail damage, or leaking on your commercial property. 

    Why Should You Choose Plano Roofing Co For Commercial Roofing?

    Many customers are afraid to contact a roofing specialist because they´re afraid of how much a repair or installation might cost. Instead, they put it off until the last minute causing themselves unnecessary stress and headaches. Here at New Age Roofers, we do our best to give fair and honest pricing. If we do recommend a material or installation that is slightly more costly, you can be assured that it´s to preserve the longevity and/or structural integrity of your building.

    We have been in this business for more than 20 years, providing excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship.  Our expert project managers and installation specialists have decades of experience providing the perfect solution at the perfect price. If you have any questions regarding inspection, application, or maintenance, please give us a call at (469) 995-8967 for a free consultation now!

    New Age Roofers are the premiere roofing contractor Plano TX residents can trust. Our family-owned business is proud to provide unparalleled roofing window, door, gutter, garage door, siding repairs and installation for the Plano TX community.