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Most people don’t give their gutter repair and installation a second thought. But, they actually play an essential role in protecting and preserving the lifespan of your home. As you might’ve guessed from previous sections, water is the enemy of any property. It can damage your property through rot or mold growth extremely quickly.

The goal of most roofs is to guide water away from your building. This is where gutter repair and installation comes in. Gutters are open at the top and run horizontally along the roof. The aim of the gutter is to collect the water and safely transport it down and away through the downspouts. Once the water gets to the ground level, your drainage system should guide it away from your foundation. It’s very important to make sure that your gutters are functional, because they can prevent:

  • Water damage to your roof (rot or mold growth in roofing materials, soffit, fascia, or masonry)
  • Moisture inside your windows that could damage sills or walls inside
  • Water down and around your foundation (causes erosion, damage, or flooding into your basement)



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Rain Gutter Types

Gutters come in many different materials, colors, and styles. Most modern gutter repair and installation today are seamless to avoid leakage problems at seams and joints, and to prevent debris getting stuck in or around seams. There are two basic types of gutters:

  • K-style gutters: This style of gutter is open on top with a flat back and bottom. The front generally has a more decorative shape that can mimic crown molding.
  • Half-round gutters: This kind of gutter has a half-pipe shape and is found more often on historic homes.

The most common materials used for gutters are aluminum, copper, steel, vinyl, and zinc. Each material has a
unique price point and lifespan. For more information on the right material for your property, give us a call for a
free consultation at (469) 995-8967

Rain Gutter Installation And Repair

 For gutter installation or replacement, our roofing specialist will come out to your property to inspect the gutters and assess whether a repair is needed or a full replacement. Installation for gutters can be quite quick, we can generally complete the project in a couple of days depending on the size of the building. The process is as follows:

We come out, measure the house, order the materials of your choice, assemble them onsite, hang them, install rainspouts and outlets, and clean up the mess. It´s as simple as that.

 For repairs, small leaks in the seams or joints of your gutters can easily be repaired by resealing them with spray or caulking, or by replacing one or more of the sections. Older gutters are often made up of smaller sections joined together. If your downspouts are no longer directing water away from your foundation, we have several easy and low-cost solutions. We can install downspout extenders (extend 4-8 feet away from the foundation) to make sure the water is flowing away from the building. Another quick fix is to install rain barrels to collect the runoff from the roof. If you´re aware of a leak, and you´d like some creative solutions to fix it without completely replacing your gutters, just give us a call. We´d be happy to give you some suggestions.

Gutter Inspection And Maintenance

 We offer gutter cleaning services, regular maintenance increases lifespan of your roof. We understand that regular gutter maintenance can be a pain, especially if you´re busy, getting older, or don´t have the right tools. New Age Roofers is happy to inform you that we offer yearly gutter inspection and cleaning services for your building or home. We recommend a yearly cleaning around fall time, as that´s when falling leaves and plant debris can really clog up gutters and cause problems. As part of our service, we´ll clear your gutters of any potential clogs and inspect them for potential leaks or damage at the same time.

Many older gutters will begin to leak around the seams and joints. They can also be potentially damaged by critters and storms. We´ll let you know right away if we detect any potential problems and we can patch them up for you. We will also make sure to check your downspouts. It´s key to make sure that the downspouts are facing away from your building and directing water away from the foundation. Regular water flow can cause your foundation to deteriorate very quickly.

Gutter Covers And Guards

 For additional protection, you can add screens, filters, or guards to your gutters. These can prevent debris and leaves from clogging your gutters. Installation of these safeguards can also alleviate the need for constant maintenance. Although, we still recommend regular inspections to increase the lifespan of your roof and to protect you from the dangers of erosion and mold. If you´d like more tips or accessories to help you care for your gutters, give us a call now at (469) 995-8967. With years of experience in the business, we´ve got plenty of tricks up our sleeves.


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