How to know when to check your roof?

checking a roof

Do you calendar your doctor appointments?  When to do your taxes?  Get your car checked out?  Haircuts and color?  Yes, more than likely you do.  But we don’t put our roofs on that list now do we?  And here’s why we should – – – – – mold, mildew, leaks, dry brittle shingles, stinky heavy wet leaves, dust and dirt, sun spots, animal hairs/feathers/waste, to name a few.  Why maintain my roof, I just named a few very good reasons why.  Let us help you.  We can give you the easy steps and help to maintain a healthy roof.  And if it’s a new roof you need, we can provide, explaining all the way what needs to be done, how and why, the types we offer, shingles, sizes, colors, we will help you.  Think about it, a clean safe dry roof saves lives and you save money.  All you need to do is schedule it in, give yourself a roof check up!  Ditch the excuses and make it a priority.  Today is the first day of the rest of your roof’s life.  Know the signs, know the hazards, knowledge is power.  Let’s get climbing, to the top, let us do the dirty work, clean it up, try our services, trust our expertise, there will be no regrets.  Let the neighbors have that, all the regrets because they didn’t take the time to calendar their roof checkup!  Brighter days are on the horizon, and you will be smiling, from a dry, safe, clean home.