Roof Replacement


Most property owners wait until the last possible moment before getting their roof replacement because they’re afraid of the investment, time, and inconvenience it cost them.

At New Age Roofers we understand how hard it can be to undergo such a large project. That’s why we do our best to make the process as swift and painless as possible, giving our customers as much information as possible throughout the whole roof installation and replacement process.

In many cases, if the damage is caught early, there are several options available to the customer such as roof replacement, repairing, patching, or resealing key areas. However, sometimes a roof just has to be replaced to extend the life of your home or building.


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When A Roof’s Damage Is Beyond Repair

How do you know when a roof is no longer a candidate for repair and must be replaced? There are several reasons that a roof needs a full replacement. Here are a few signs to look for:

Residential Roofs:

  • Curling: If shingle edges are curling and/or warped upwards with visible gaps below, you probably have some water damage.
  • Bald spots: If your shingles are missing granules or surface area, they may have lost their weatherproofing functionality.
  • Cracks: Several cracked shingles or tiles (all over or in patches)open up your roof to damage from water.
  • Age: If your roof is at least 20 years old (new technologies make roofs last longer, but in the past roofs weren´t as well designed) it´s worth getting it inspected.
  • Neighborhood replacements: If you see other people in the neighborhood getting their roofs replaced, it might mean that your roof also needs checking. Most houses in a neighborhood are built around the same time and experience the same weather conditions.
Commercial Roofs:
  • Sagging or drooping rooflines: Sagging areas signify that the joists, rafters, or sheathing have been compromised by water leaks, depending on the size and location of the sagging portion, it will probably require replacement)
  •  Musty smell/interior water damage: A musty smell caused by mold must be fixed immediately. Depending on the area affected by the mold a repair might be possible. But, once the mold has become widespread, major health issues can arise.
  • Bubbles or blistering in the roof membrane: These are obvious signs of a leaky roof
  • Exorbitant energy bills that just keep going up: Even though a roof is still intact, that doesn´t mean that it isn´t losing efficiency. Energy bills that just keep climbing are a sign of a problem.
  • Slow drainage or standing water after a rainfall: If you notice that less and less water is coming through the drains, you probably have sagging areas in the roof or clogged drains. Both of these problems can necessitate a major fix or replacement.
  • Age: If your building is 25 years old or older, you´ll probably need to look into a replacement. Roofs of that age will begin to have continuous small problems, requiring more and more repairs. It´s then worth it to look into the cost of repairs versus a replacement.

Commercial Roof Installation

There are several steps involved in replacing a commercial roof. The specific steps will depend greatly on the extent of damage to your roof, but the following steps are general and can be applied to most commercial roof replacements.

Step 1: Our crew will clean up the surface before beginning, picking up debris and clearing any standing water from the surface. They then sweep or powerwash the surface to free it of dirt or caked on debris.
Step 2: Check the integrity of the roof, removing any bubbles, or smoothing out/cutting away any bumpy or protruding areas.
Step 3: The new roofing membrane is applied. The specific membrane installation can vary depending on the material. Common materials include Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF), single ply, or restoration coatings.
Step 4: Once the new roofing material has been installed, the crew cleans up the area and makes sure to leave it as clean as it was, if not cleaner.

Free Roof Assessment & Estimate!

Not sure if your roof is eligible for a repair or needs a full replacement? Give us a call now at (469) 995-8967 for a free roof assessment and estimate! Our experienced roofing specialists can quickly and efficiently diagnose the health of your residential or commercial roof. They´ll give you a quick checklist of how to maintain the lifespan of your roof, including suggested repairs or in the case of severe damage, a replacement plan. If you´re concerned, don´t wait, call us now!

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