Roof Leaks: What To Do

Roof Leaks: What To Do

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Spotting a Roof Leak

When you lay down to go to bed at night and look up at the ceiling, you may notice rounded, brown or gray-colored patches. These patches are water stains, which can often indicate you have roof leaks in your Plano roof. The presence of these stains means that moisture is penetrating your shingle roof and getting into your home, where it will inevitably cause a plethora of problems for the house’s structural integrity and indoor air quality. If the stain continues to grow in size, then you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Read on to find out what you can do and why you shouldn’t ignore these water stains on your ceiling.

You don’t need to be roofing contractor to realize that the stain you’re seeing on your ceiling is a problem. However; you may need a roofing specialist in order to access the true damage, find the source, and fix the problem. Stains typically indicate there’s a leak in your roof – so whenever it rains, snows, hails, or sleets, the moisture will seep through your roof’s shingles and penetrate your home’s ceiling. This will continue until the leak is stopped and fixed. The longer you wait, the more vulnerable your roof is to future moisture problems, and could lead to significant mold growth or structural damage. It’s important to act quickly any time you find a leak. We have been lucky to work with a wonderful roofing contractor residents can always count on for the latest and cutting edge technologies and new methods to better serve our customers.

Contacting a Roofing Specialist for Tricky Leaks

Since it can be a tricky task to find the source of a roof’s leak, you should contact a specialist and avoid doing this yourself. Call a roofing contractor to set up an inspection so you can get to the root of the real problem. Some roof leaks are difficult to locate – sometimes water stains appear at the ceiling spot distant from the actual leak. A professional will be able to look inside your attic, peel away some layers of insulation, and look for flow stains on the plastic vapor barrier between the drywall and insulation. Often, water flows to openings in the vapor barrier, such as near ceiling light fixtures.

If you have a leaky roof, we advise that you get it fixed immediately, even if it hasn’t become a huge problem or you already plan to get a roof replacement next year. Even over a short time period (just a couple of months), small leaks can quickly turn into big problems, such as mold development, rotting framing, and sheathing, as well as destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings. If dealt with quickly, a homeowner can expect to save a lot of money as repairs would be minimal and relatively easy to fix. If left unrepaired over a longer period of time, it’s possible the repair will be very expensive, and may even require a roof replacement. In order to avoid this from happening, you will want to keep up-to-date with regular roof maintenance and inspections. To find out more about how you can preserve your roof’s health and extend its lifespan, read our article about roof maintenance tips and tricks.

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In Conclusion

If you’re unsure if your roof leak is minor or severe, give us a call at New Age Roofers in Plano, Texas. With over 15 years operating in Plano and North Texas, we have seen any and every type of roof leak and damage. We’ll be able to swiftly access your roof’s damage, find the source of the problem, and put together a succinct action plan to fix the damage. We can also help you get the best insurance coverage possible for the job, so there is no reason to leave any damage unrepaired. Call us to learn more today! (469)995-8967.